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I have just begun to go out with a girl. I have fallen in love with her at the first sight and last week I finally succeeded in dating her. I have been considering what to buy as the first gift for her. Then I noticed that many girls on campus now were wearing very beautiful glasses which made them look attractive and stylish. Then since my girl friend was also near-sighted, why don’t I buy her a pair of new glasses that was designed in a fashionable and charming way? I believe she would like them definitely.

Once decided, I took action immediately. I searched on the Internet and tried to find a glasses store there where I could see lots of women’s glasses which were currently in style. Fortunately, I found such an online glasses store which sold all types of glasses of various sizes and shapes and colors but of invariant high quality and reasonable price. I had a rough look at others’ evaluation and became quite confident with their quality, because those who had ever bought glasses from there were all satisfied with their quality. Because I was not very familiar with what was in fashion nowadays and what type girls would like most, I contacted the online service for suggestions. Much to my delight, she was very friendly and enthusiastic to help me and she was quite informed and helpful. After she learned about what my girl friend looked like, she recommended a pair of women’s glasses to me. It had bright red frames which would shine brilliantly in the sunlight. And with soft nose pads, it would made people comfortable with it. In a word, the entire design looked quite stylish and beautiful and was fairly suitable for my girl friend. It was not the most expensive one, on the country, it was priced quite reasonably. So I placed the order at once.

The delivery was quite satisfying, too. I have received my purchase quite soon and the glasses were so considerately packaged that they were intact as they came to me. And after a careful examination of its quality, I became rather pleased and couldn’t wait to give it to my girl friend. Incidentally, it is really a wise choice to buy glasses in this online store which could be reached at