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How to buy prescription eyeglasses online

As we know, the development of internet and new methods of delivery have made online shopping a real convenient and profitable thing for most people, for it is easy to handle and much cheaper than local stores. People are getting more and more willingly to buy stuffs, from clothes, shoes and books to some big articles, such as TVs, computers and fitment from the online shops, and prescription eyeglasses also included. Based on my recent prescription eyeglasses online shopping experience, I cannot help recommending you buy prescription eyeglasses online.

If you are not familiar with the process of buying prescription eyeglasses online, I am glad to share with you some knowledge how to buy prescription eyeglasses online:
First, before you buy prescription glasses online, you should get your eyeglasses prescription from your eye doctors, or from any local eyeglasses stores. Eyeglasses prescription tells opticians the precise information of your eyesight problem, such as the degree of your myopia and farsightedness and astigmatism. In addition, do not forget to ask for your Pupil Distance (PD), it is also of great importance to get suitable eyeglasses.

Second, figure out your own appearance features and what kind of look you want to appear in daily life. The suitable pair of glasses will flatter your face shape and balance your appearance features. For example, different types of frames suit different face types, including the material (plastic or metal), the color and the rim. In general, people with square or rectangular face types need round frames; while round face had better choose rectangular frames.

Third, choose an online optical store which your trust to find your favorite frames and lenses. Pay attention to the figures there: the frame size, the total width, and the lens height to make sure that the frame will be fit for your face. If you know little of this information, do not worry. The online server will give you professional suggestions. And you can even check out the result of wearing a particular kind of eyeglasses by using the Virtual Fitting Room.

Last, send your eyeglasses prescription, the particular goods number you chose and fill out all the straight forward information that is needed. After that, all you need to do is to wait for your cheap, discount glasses delivered to your door. is an online optical store that I trust very much. I sincerely recommend it to you, I am sure that you can find discount and fashionable prescription eyeglasses from it, too.