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We have just celebrated our Australia Day yesterday. Many of us have spent a wonderful quality time together with our family and friends during this time. Our family has held a family barbecue in Uncle Taylor’s house and we all have enjoyed ourselves. In the barbecue we talked a lot with each other about everything, from work to clothes and other stuff. In those mountains of conversations I may talked about buying a pair of new kid’s eyeglasses for my ten-year-old son and Lily, my cousin recommended me to buy the eyeglasses online. According to her, it is very money and time saving to buy this daily stuff online. Besides it is Australia day, many shops choose to hold promotions during this time. So I decided to turn to online shopping for the kids’ eyeglasses.

After going back home, I searched for the kids’ eyeglasses and found several good online glasses stores. I firstly chose a more reliable store with a higher credit standing based on the former customers’ comments. After some time’s selecting and comparing, I finally picked up a pair of eyeglasses for my son, which is satisfying in price, look and quality.

The eyeglasses are made in the oval shape with a plastic frame. The moat outstanding feature of the frame is that there is a spring-connected temple arms behind the head. Such a unique design can effectively prevent the glasses from dropping down from the wearer’s nose. It is quite suitable for those kids who are always on the run, such as my son. The frame color options are purple and pink and I chose purple which gives the whole glasses a cute and fashionable look. Since the frame is made in plastic, it is very light and durable so my son will feel quite comfortable wearing them.

The price they were charging for this pair of glasses is very reasonable, $70, with free anti-scratch coating, 100%UV ray protection and other items. What’s more, because they are holding Australia Day discount from January 24th to January 31st, all orders can enjoy a free AR-coating upgrade. How amazing! I placed the order immediately to buy a pair of cute and fashionable kids’ eyeglasses.

With such wonderful eyeglasses and cheap prices, I will certainly buy my next pair of eyeglasses in , a professional prescription glasses store online facing especially to Australians. You can’t miss it.