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We have just celebrated our Australia Day yesterday. Many of us have spent a wonderful quality time together with our family and friends during this time. Our family has held a family barbecue in Uncle Taylor’s house and we all have enjoyed ourselves. In the barbecue we talked a lot with each other about everything, from work to clothes and other stuff.

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What type of lenses do you use in your eyeglasses? uses top quality Polycarbonate (thin & ultra-light) Lenses. All of our prescription glasses are made using polycarbonate lenses; the lightest, most impact-resistant material made. With an index of refraction of 1.59, polycarbonate lenses are much thinner than standard (CR39) optical lenses.

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I have just begun to go out with a girl. I have fallen in love with her at the first sight and last week I finally succeeded in dating her. I have been considering what to buy as the first gift for her. Then I noticed that many girls on campus now were wearing very beautiful glasses which made them look attractive and stylish.

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People now are always bothered by their eye problems, so they need to wear a pair of prescription eyeglasses to correct their vision. However they may face a big problem with how to carry their prescription eyeglasses.

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Very recently, I saw a Disney Channel Original Movie named Star Struck. In the movie, the handsome hero-Christopher Wilde always wears a pair of sunglasses, which makes him more attractive and fascinating. And at the end of the story, the hero gives the sunglasses to Jessica, and admits his mistakes, which all moves me.

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Going out is a must during summer. In addition to the trend of holiday, summer is also a good reason for young guys and girls to show their fashion. They put on some sexy swimming suits, funky accessories such as bags and fashionable prescription sunglasses.