Mens Prescription Sports Sunglasses

Clear vision is crucial to top performance at any sport. A pair of men's prescription sports sunglasses with frames that provide a comfortable, lightweight, and secure fit and corrective lenses can improve your ability to focus on your goals. In addition to seeing clearly on and off the court or field, tinted lenses shield your eyes from distracting glare and ultraviolet rays.

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Performance-Oriented Protection

The most popular men's sports prescription sunglasses feature durable frames made out of lightweight materials. The most common plastics are cellulose acetate, propionate, and nylon. Light metal frames made of aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, or alloys are also suitable for sports. Wearers sensitive to the presence of nickel in alloys should consider pure metals such as titanium and stainless steel or plastic frames.

Any of these frame materials are suitable for most activities. If you play high-intensity sports, you may want to seek out safety eyewear. Frames designed and tested to meet ANSI Z87.1 standards for impact resistance are good choices for contact sports or activities that involve flying objects. If eye protection is a priority, it is also important to select corrective lenses made of a material with the same impact rating.

The Best Lenses for Any Sport

Two of the best shatterproof lens types for men's prescription sports sunglasses are made of polycarbonate or polyurethane plastic. Polycarbonate lenses are affordable and durable while polyurethane lenses provide enhanced clarity and are more costly. Both of these materials are prone to developing scratches and benefit from scratch-resistant coatings.

Other plastic lens materials may not be impact-rated, but these lenses are still lighter than crown glass. High-index plastic and other materials may be suitable for wear when there is little risk of impact. Single vision and multifocal vision correction are available for sports sunglasses. You may also be able to choose from an extensive selection of standard, gradient, mirrored, or polarized tints.

Men's Prescription Sports Sunglasses FAQs

What sets sports sunglasses apart from casual eyewear?

Mens prescription sunglasses designed for wear during athletic activities are often more durable than casual sunglasses. These frames and lenses may be rated for impact and are typically made of lightweight materials. Sport sunglasses may also provide a closer and more secure fit to stay in place as you move.

How do I choose the best sunglasses for a particular sport?

The right eyewear for any activity depends on what is necessary to protect your eyes and optimize your vision under particular conditions. Activities with a risk of impact call for strong frames and shatterproof lenses. Particular tints enhance the appearance of certain colors to help you stay in the game.

What frame materials are most popular for sports sunglasses?

Plastic and metal are the leading materials for sports eyewear. Plastics such as propionate, nylon, or cellulose acetate are hypoallergenic and lightweight. The lightest metal frames are aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, or alloys of two or more metals. Narrow down your frame options based on prescription range, strength, and weight.

Are sports sunglasses frames and lenses rated for impact?

Some frames and lenses of prescription sport sunglasses for men meet the ANSI Z87.1 standard for impact resistance. The test for the basic standard involves dropping a metal ball on eyewear. Review product descriptions and inspect the inner side of frames and lenses for markings indicating an impact rating.

Can you get sports sunglasses with a high-power prescription?

Some frames for mens prescription sports sunglasses are available with high RX lenses. These lenses may be thicker than other prescriptions or thinner if the lens material is high-index plastic. Check the description of a frame style to determine whether this is the case. Plastic frames often accommodate stronger prescriptions.

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