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There's nothing like a morning run through the park to get your blood pumping and nothing like a weekend doing the same on a mountain trail. Prescription running sunglasses make a great running partner for long runs and longer days in the sun. Shop for prescription running sunglasses online at Eyeglasses Pro, where we have a great selection of stylish specs with all the features you need to stay safe and enjoy every step of the way.

Available Features in Running Sunglasses

Running prescription sunglasses offer protection for sun, wind, and rain while enhancing your vision in shifting light conditions to get you through the gnarly parts of the trail. In addition to UV protection for your eyes, you can find a range of features in prescription running sunglasses, including these:

  • Slot technology enables fast and easy changing of lenses.
  • Lens coatings that include anti-fog and anti-scratch properties for unobstructed vision.
  • Wrap-around frame designs that enable maximum peripheral vision.
  • Shatterproof lenses that meet high-speed and mass-impact safety standards to protect you from rocks and debris.
  • Added comfort from ergonomic designs that offer grooved nose bridges and moisture repellency.
  • Full, 100-percent UV protection in lenses that are also free of distortion.
  • Facial cavity seal to safeguard eyes from pollen, fine dust, and other irritants.

A variety of lens color options are also available for those seeking online prescription running sunglasses. Different shades help to reduce glare, improve contrast and help you see in low light.

Finding the Right Fit

Prescription running sunglasses are an essential part of your workout gear if you are a runner who needs vision correction. You get the benefits of clear sight, along with protection from the sun and a variety of hazards to help you stay in the zone and avoid distractions and injuries. Browse our site for your favorite sunglasses, and if you have questions about size, check our frame-sizing guide for help finding the right fit.

Prescription Running Sunglasses FAQs

What Are the Best Sunglasses for Running?

The best sunglasses are the ones that you will wear, so comfort is key in finding the best pair for you. Look for built-in comfort features such as lightweight frames, adjustable nose brides or ergonomics that will help the glasses stay put while you bounce up and down the trail.

Should I Get Polarized Lenses?

It's a matter of preference, but many runners do prefer them. Polarized lenses are essential in cutting the glare from traffic and roadways for anyone who jogs in the city. If you run near a lake, they cut glare off the water, and for those who run in desert areas, they'll help you see without squinting.

What Color of Lens Should I Choose?

There are multiple colors to choose from in prescription running sunglasses. Rose and rust colors provide a better contrast to help you better distinguish obstacles, a great help when you're running technical trail. If you run in bright sun along the hot blacktop, look for dark shades to reduce the sun's intensity.

Can I Get Prescription Lenses in Running Sunglasses?

Yes, most models can accommodate custom lenses, including single vision and multi-focal prescriptions. Ordering is simple and easy through our site. Once you narrow your choice, select the prescription option, and we'll walk you through the process, which includes entering your prescription by hand or by uploading an image of it.

Why Do I Need Sunglasses While Running?

Along with protection from UV rays, runners need help cutting the glare from the road, bodies of water or light-colored terrains, such as rocks and sand. If you run in any of these conditions, you have several options in sunglasses to reduce glare, including those with polarized lenses that can help you see without squinting.
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