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Round or oval-shaped sunglasses are suitable for a wide range of face shapes. Prescription round sunglasses provide sun protection and vision correction while softening the angles of a diamond- or triangle-shaped face. Draw attention toward particular features on a broader square or heart-shaped face. A variety of plastic and metal frames and lens tints are available for this style of eyewear.

Frames for Your Face Shape

The particular design of a pair of frames may flatter different face shapes. In general, round lenses of any size balance angular face shapes. Big round prescription sunglasses are a statement piece that may be best suited for square face shapes.

Round frames typically have consistent thickness. This stylistic tendency may make these frames less suitable for drawing attention upward toward the browbone than square lenses with curved lower portions. If your face is heart-shaped or triangular, you may prefer fitted round glasses to oversized lenses that can obscure your cheekbones. Round glasses that are sized appropriately can accentuate the features of these shapes and even an oval or round face.

Trendy Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses are less common than rectangular lenses, which makes this eyewear more likely to stand out. Many round prescription sunglasses feature vintage styling. Plastic frames may be available with tortoiseshell patterns or contrasting front and interior frame colors. Metal frames provide a more conventional look or minimalist design that flatters more rounded faces without overwhelming features.

Depending on the design of round frames, the front, bridge, endpiece, and temples may be made of the same material. In some cases, thicker endpieces may draw attention upward toward the browline. Depending on the shape of your face and the look you desire, you may want to select round sunglasses that provide a close fit that conforms to your face or consider oversized lenses. All of these styles are on-trend, and sunglasses with round lenses are sure to make an impression.

Prescription Round Sunglasses FAQs

Do prescription round sunglasses distort vision?

The base curve of sunglasses designed to wrap around the face can result in distorted vision through lenses. Round sunglasses frames usually do not wrap around, but distortion could occur with large round lenses on a curved frame. Be sure to measure pupillary distance and select the right frame size.

Which face shapes do round sunglasses flatter?

Round sunglasses flatter a wide variety of face shapes. These lenses can soften the upper, side or lower angles of faces with diamond, triangle or square shapes. Sunglasses with round lenses are also suitable for drawing attention toward the eye area or balancing features of a heart-shaped or round face.

Are round sunglasses an option for men and women?

It is possible to get round sunglasses mens prescription eyewear or womens frames. Mens glasses may be larger in size. Be sure to check frame size and measurements to determine whether sunglasses will provide a comfortable and secure fit across the bridge and temples and the lower frames over cheeks.

What are the options for round frame materials?

Plastic or metal round frames may be available for sunglasses. In general, plastic frames can support higher power prescriptions, particularly if this eyewear requires thicker lenses. Prescriptions with lower diopters or made with high-index plastic lenses may be compatible with metal frames. Frame materials may affect the shape of lenses.

Can any prescription lenses be put in round frames?

Prescription round sunglasses are suitable for most diopters and should not distort vision. If you have a powerful prescription, check to see whether a particular style is suitable for high RX lenses. You may also have a choice of single vision, multifocal or reading lenses with or without high-definition finish.
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