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Cheap Prescription Glasses at Eyeglasses Pro

Eyeglasses Pro is synonymous with high-quality eyewear at the lowest prices available. While our cheap eyeglasses are low in cost, the frames and lenses are always of the highest grades. With stylish frames, you simply won't find better deals anywhere else. With risk and hassle-free online shopping, you and yours are able to get discount eyeglasses with a 100% money-back guarantee. From single vision and progressive to bifocal and even trifocal glasses, we carry it all at our huge online eyewear store. Buying cheap eyeglasses online truly saves you time and money. For cheap prescription glasses, you will need a valid prescription (RX) from an optometrist of the local eye care center. Simply upload your script, choose the desired frames and lenses, and head to the checkout. It's as easy as that to secure cost-affordable glasses for the entire family.

Cost-Affordable Eyewear with High-Quality Frames and Lenses

Discount eyeglasses are essential for vision correction and optical performance. However, we feature plenty of customized options to meet your desired results. This includes superb UV, sun, and computer glare protection, along with contemporary frames that are fashionable and always in style. From Wayfarer and Cat Eye to Browline, here are some of the advantages of cheap prescription glasses at
  • We feature hundreds of cheap eyeglasses in many frames, styles, RX lenses, and non-prescription lenses for one and all.
  • Our user-friendly search options lets you browse many customized features for your eyewear – bold frames, thin frames, bifocal lenses for near/distance vision correction, and glasses that protect your eyes from computer glare and inclement weather elements.
  • Eyeglasses Pro also showcases a wide range of stylish and trendy sunglasses at low-cost prices.
  • Our live chat representatives and online sales team are always available to assist you with eyewear orders and questions.

Discount Eyeglasses and Accessories for the Entire Family

With a myriad of colors, shapes, and designs, cheap eyeglasses are just a few clicks away from your front door. With no risks involved, Eyeglasses Pro is the perfect eyewear portal for all your cheap glasses and accessories. All orders come with convenient carrying cases and cleaning cloths for optimal convenience. Whether you need lenses with higher RX numbers or the latest in aesthetic designer frames, simply visit our online store today for the best discounts on all eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Cheap Eyeglasses FAQs

Can I buy prescription glasses online?

Eyeglasses Pro makes it easy to find the perfect pair of prescription glasses online. With 80% off and frames as low as $15.00, you get cheap eyeglasses with high-quality lenses for better vision performance. There is no need to spend countless dollars on designer glasses when we offer the same spectacles at discounted rates. With a huge range of eyewear for men, women, and children, now is the perfect time to tap into our discounts and save money.

What is the best deal for eyeglasses?

If looking for the best deal on eyeglasses, go no further than As your premier online eyewear store, we feature hundreds of stylish frames, lenses, and accessories at cost-affordable prices. Our frames start as low as $15.00 with options for prescription and non-prescription lenses. These glasses can be fitted with adjustable nose pads, anti-scratch frames, and high-quality lenses for nearsightedness or farsightedness correction. There are so many eyewear options at our store with inventory that is consistently updated. Simply visit our website today and get cheap eyeglasses at unbeatable prices.

How much does an eye exam cost?

The cost of a complete eye exam can be as low as $50. However, the exact price depends on a number of factors: diluting the pupils, vision correction tests, checking prescription glasses numbers, and looking for cataracts or pressure behind the eyes. Another factor to consider is vision insurance and whether your plan covers eye examinations or not. At Eyeglasses Pro, we are committed to providing you and yours with glasses that improve overall vision. However, we will need a valid RX script for online prescription eyewear orders.

Can I get a free eye exam?

There are organizations that offer free eye exams for uninsured, low-income workers, and families. Some eye doctors will also offer free eye tests for long-time patients that need vision correction glasses as they age. You can also check your work or personal insurance plans to see if full or partial vision coverage is available. Another option is to speak to our Eyeglasses Pro team for further suggestions and assistance.

What is the average price for a pair of prescription glasses?

The national average price for prescription eyeglasses is around $196. This is according to several discount retailers and eyewear industry experts. While prices for standard, metal-alloy frames are around $159, designer eyewear can run as high as $500 for frames. Here are some more national average figures:
  • Single-vision eyeglasses – $100 to $300.
  • Lined multi-focal glasses – $150 to $400.
  • Anti-glare coatings – $75 to $150.

Eyeglasses Pro offers the perfect solution with cost-affordable frames and lenses that are cheap in price – but never cheap in quality and vision performance.

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