Wood Eyeglasses

Wood Eyeglasses

Wood is used to craft uniquely stylish frames. Wood frame glasses have a natural appearance, and real wood frames are made of renewable materials. Eyewear made of this material tends to be lightweight and comfortable to wear. Find out more about the design features and properties of wood glasses.

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Wood Frame Glasses

Wood frames come in a wide range of shapes and styles. Glasses may have full wooden rims or only feature wood accents along with the top bar and temples. Start by considering the shape of your face and which finishes and grains of wood accentuate your eye and hair color. The size and dimension of frames made out of this material are important because wood does not flex like metal.

Most wood glasses are very lightweight and comfortable. This material warms to the temperature of your skin for comfortable wear in all weather. While these glasses are durable enough to be worn every day, prolonged exposure to extreme heat, cold or humidity can result in warping. Wood glasses may be a better choice for casual wear than for sports.

Custom Lens Options

There are many lens options available for wood eyeglasses. These frames are compatible with most prescriptions for single vision, multifocal or reading lenses. Corrective lenses are available with or without a high-definition finish. You can also choose from clear, photochromic or tinted lenses. Whether you want to wear wood glasses for vision correction or sun protection, you can create a pair of distinctive-looking eyewear by choosing frames and customizing lenses.

Depending on the frames, you may have a choice of standard, gradient or polarized lens tints. Enhance contrast and preserve color accuracy with gray or brown shades. Other standards and gradient tints range from green and blue to yellow, red and purple. A choice of brown, gray or green polarized lenses may also be available. No matter where and when you want to wear wood frames, you can select lenses that provide optical clarity and UV protection.

Wood Eyeglasses FAQs

Are glasses frames made out of real wood?

Many frames that look wooden are made of wood or mixed materials. Check the description of a style to determine the materials. Wood frame glasses are less flexible than plastic or metal frames and may require measures such as chinks at the temples that enable the material to accommodate lenses.

Can wood frames be fitted with prescription lenses?

Wood frame prescription glasses accommodate most lenses. Some frame styles made of wood or any other material are only compatible with a range of prescription diopters or powers. The base curve of frames and thickness of lenses may determine whether a frame design is a right option for your prescription.

Which lens tints are available for wood frames?

A wide selection of tinted lenses are available for frames made of wood. Start by specifying whether lenses are prescription or non-prescription lenses. Once you select a type of corrective lenses, if relevant, you can choose finishes and tints. Standard, gradient and polarized tints may be available for wood frames.

Are wood glasses durable?

Wood frames can stand up to daily wear. Like metal frames, wood frame eyeglasses can be damaged by drops or excessive force. Wood is a natural material affected by temperature and humidity. Prevent warping by avoiding leaving glasses in a vehicle or environment prone to extreme heat, cold or moisture.

Do wood frames feel comfortable?

Wood frames are lightweight and the contact points warm to the temperature of the wearer's skin. Most styles do not feature adjustable nose pads. Factor in the frame size and dimensions for the best fit. This material can be a comfortable choice for primary eyewear or wear during specific activities.

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