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No More Squinting in Front of Computers with the Finest Selection of Prescription Reading Glasses

Prescription reading glasses are designed to be worn for extended periods. Also known as readers, these spectacles are ideal for folks with astigmatisms, myopia, eye disorders, or unequal prescription strengths in each eye. Here are some of the crucial benefits of prescription reading glasses for those that need near-vision correction:

  • Most people in their 40s and over will need reading glasses to read, work, and perform tasks on computers or smartphones.
  • Reading glasses compensate for diminished vision due to presbyopia. This is the inability to focus on up-close objects, such as text messages or books as you age.
  • Progressive reading glasses combine three prescriptions into one pair of spectacles. This allows you to read a book up close without eye strain or blurry vision. The middle-distance section of these glasses is ideal for working on computers, while distance viewing is perfect for distance viewing.

Eyeglasses Pro showcases a fine line of multi-focal readers, including no-line progressives at amazingly low prices. With free shipping on most orders and readers with anti-scratch, anti-glare, and anti-blue light enhancements, we have it all at our extensive online eyewear store.

Get the Best Progressive Reading Glasses for Optical Performance and Better Vision

It is important to have a regular eye checkup at least once a year. A yearly eye exam can catch and treat issues like glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts. Your optical expert can also prescribe reading glasses if you are experiencing difficulties with reading or viewing text and objects up close.

While is your visual source for the best reading glasses online, it is important to get readers with the right strength. For daily computer work or smartphones, most wearers can get by with low-power reading spectacles (+1.25 to +1.5). For reading text and viewing objects closer, reading glasses with a stronger strength (+2.0 to +2.5) are highly recommended. As you age, you will likely need reading glasses with a stronger power.

As always, you should never wear reading glasses that don't have the proper lens power you need. These numbers will be on your prescription and are needed to purchase RX reading glasses at Eyeglasses Pro. Simply browse our huge selection of progressive and prescription readers in all the latest designs, styles, and fashions.

Reading Glasses FAQs

How do you know what strength reading glasses to get?

Determining the right strength of reading glasses requires a visit to your local optometrist or optical center. You will be asked to read a Reading Chart on a monitor – at a distance of about 14 inches without spectacles. If you have difficulty reading a particular line, the optometrist will note the lens power on the right of it. This number will be visible on your prescription and is the power you need for your reading glasses.

Are reading glasses bad for your eyes?

There is a common myth that reading glasses might make your vision worse. This is not true as prescription reading glasses are designed to improve your vision with no damages to the eyes. Here are some essentials to keep in mind if you need readers:

  • Reading spectacles are ideal for wearers that need near-vision correction. They also compensate for the inability to view objects and text up close as you age. This is known as presbyopia, which tends to progress as you age and requires corrective lenses.
  • Wearing readers help alleviate eyestrain, decrease headaches, and reduces dry eyes while working or reading for long periods.
  • Eyeglasses Pro can customize your reading glasses with anti-glare, anti-blue light, and anti-reflective coatings. These are perfect for keeping your eyes safe when working in front of computers, tablets, or using smartphones all day long.

What is the lowest strength of reading glasses?

The lowest strength of reading glasses is +1 diopter. Prescription readers increase in increments of 0.25 diopters to a maximum of +3.5. Wearers that need more power than that will need prescription glasses with a valid script from their eyecare specialists.

Simply upload your prescription when looking for RX reading glasses at Eyeglasses Pro. Our online live chat team is always available to assist you with finding the right pair of spectacles and placing orders.

Can you use reading glasses for the computer?

The answer to this common question is both yes and no. While computer glasses are not recommended for reading, reading glasses may be worn when working on the computer for long periods. However, if you have light sensitivity, Eyeglasses Pro can customize your prescription lenses with tints or anti-blue light features. These glasses can double up as readers or as computer glasses for all types of smart, digital devices.

How can you tell if you need reading glasses?

There are a few ways to determine if you need reading glasses. For one, if you are experiencing blurry vision when reading books or other reading materials up close, you definitely need corrective lenses. Look for the following signs as well:

  • Trouble seeing smaller print or text in dim light.
  • Your eyes hurt or strain when reading, sewing, or doing close work.
  • You experience headaches or migraines when reading.

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