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Wayfarer Eyeglasses are some simple options out there that are guaranteed to please an array of people. When you set out to find a pair of quality glasses for yourself, you might notice there's no shortage of options available. With so many different choices to consider, you may feel overwhelmed by what you're seeing. Wayfarer glasses are a simple and stylish pair of sunglasses that act as a real statement. Able to complement any look, outfit, or event, this is an ideal option for those who want to look their best without being too flashy.

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A Classic Design

The design of Wayfarer eyeglasses is one that most people are familiar with. The plastic-framed glasses consist of a bar that rests gently on the top of the nose and rounded lens frames. The corner edges of the frames stick out slightly, creating the distinct style Wayfarers are known for. In a vast majority of cases, these glasses sit flat on the face and do not conform or curve around the unique shape of the face. This allows people with all different face shapes to consider investing in these fantastic and stylish options.

Prescription Plans

A vast majority of people who wear glasses do so because they are unable to see clearly otherwise. While this might be obvious, it does create some problems many people don't realize. When you want to protect your eyes on a bright and sunny day, a standard pair of glasses will not work. Luckily, there are options to help you out. Wayfarer prescription glasses can be fitted with lenses that match the unique needs of your eyes. This helps you shield your sensitive eyes from harsh sunlight and look fantastic in a pair of fashionable glasses.

Wayfarer Glasses FAQs

What Are Wayfarers?

Wayfarers are popular glasses originally released by Ray-Ban, though the style proved so popular that other brands have been allowed to create similar designs. The glasses are distinct for being featured in dozens of American movies in the 1980s, leading to its lasting appeal in modern pop culture.

How Are Wayfarer Glasses Shaped?

Wayfarer glasses frames have a unique shape that makes them quite distinct. The style is very similar to a “classic” pair of glasses, with the exception of the slight “flare” at the edge of the frames that provide the specific look that Wayfarers have come to be known for over the years.

Should I Buy a Certain Size of Wayfarer?

As with any eyewear, you want to be specific when selecting the right fit for your face. Though it is easiest to note the fit of Wayfarers on oblong, oval, and round face shapes, it is entirely possible to wear this type of style no matter the specific shape of your head. Simply try on different pairs to discover the best fit.

How Should My Eyeglasses Fit Me?

There are several key points to pay attention to when determining the right fit for your Wayfarer glasses. First, focus on how the glasses feel when you put them on. If there seems to be a pinching sensation around your nose, then the glasses are too tight. Similarly, a pair of frames that slide down the nose means that the frames need to be tightened because they are too big for your face.

How Will I Know My Glasses Don't Fit?

When your glasses don't fit properly, it is easy to tell that there is a problem. For the most part, you will start to realize something is wrong the moment your glasses begin to slide down the bridge of your nose. Beyond this, glasses that slip or fall when you make slight movements with your head are a good indication that the fit is incorrect. Selecting stylish glasses takes time. Browse the extensive selection available at Eyeglasses Pro to get a better feel for what's available and discover the best option for your lifestyle.
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