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Looking for Prescription Eyeglasses Online? Browse amazingly affordable glasses at Eyeglasses Pro. #1 Rated Satisfaction Guarantee. Trusted Since 2010.

Type of eyeglasses

There are two main types of eyeglasses. Single-vision glasses have an all-purpose lens designed to help you see either close-up or far away. Multifocal glasses (including bifocals and progressives) correct both near and distance vision — all in the same lens. One portion is focused on distance vision, while the other portion is used for up-close activities such as reading.

Materials make a big difference

Eyeglass lenses used to be made only of glass, but today most lenses are plastic. Plastic lenses are lighter, more flexible and safer than glass lenses because they are less likely to shatter. Doctors often recommend polycarbonate lenses for people who need eyeglasses during sports or other activities that can result in eye injuries.

Protective lens coatings

Anti-reflective coatings reduce glare. This makes for easier eye contact, prevents eye strain and improves your appearance. An ultraviolet (UV) coating helps to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful radiation. Prescription sunglasses also offer UV protection. People who prefer one set of eyeglasses for both inside and outdoors may benefit from photochromatic lenses.

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Videos about Prescription Eyegasses

There are many factors that act to make your eyesight weaker. However, a little diligence and care from your side can help you keep your prescription from changing too often.

Buy Eyeglasses Online with Frames Starting at $5.95

Need a new pair of eyeglasses? You’ve truly come to the right place. EyeglassesPro is an industry leader in high-quality, affordable glasses for the whole family. From designer eyeglasses online to the latest in fashionable frames, we have it all at the lowest prices anywhere.  Whether you need single-vision, bifocals, progressives, or non-RX lenses, one visit to our online eyewear gallery is all you need to make a worthwhile and informed buying decision.

Get Stylish Designer Eyeglasses Online at EyeglassesPro

The eyes are the passport to the world and must be taken care of all times. At EyeglassesPro.com, we are genuinely committed to offering our customers the best eyeglasses for all their vision correction needs. From nearsighted and farsighted to lined or non-lined bifocals, we can add any type of lenses you need into eyeglasses frames. Here are some more benefits of shopping for glasses online at EyeglassesPro:

  • A huge selection of prescription glasses, non-prescription glasses, sunglassesanti-blue light/glare computer glassesclip-on glasses, AR coatings, and designer eyewear at unbelievable prices.
  • Easy online ordering with a 100% risk-free guarantee and free shipping on orders over $99.
  • The best frames and lenses in a myriad of styles: traditional, contemporary, scholarly, vintage, executive, sporty, fashionable and much more. We feature both thick and thin lenses (RX and non-RX) and frames that suit your individual eyewear tastes and styles.

Your One-Stop Source for All Glasses and Accessories

Buying glasses online should not be a time-consuming and tedious process. At EyeglassesPro, it’s easy to get the frames and lenses you need for better visual acuity and style. We feature several customizable options like adding tints, polycarbonate plastic lenses, anti-reflective coating, adjustable nose pads, and so much more. Our online team is also available to assist with orders, questions, or concerns. Shop at EyeglassesPro today and let us put your vision into fruition!

Eyeglasses FAQs

What eyeglasses are currently in style?

Fashion is cyclical at best when it comes to eyewear trends and designs. At EyeglassesPro.com, we understand that styles can change at a blink of an eye – so we consistently upgrade our inventory to reflect all the latest fashions and consumer demands.

Currently, oversize square eyeglasses seem to be popular among the youth while thin, lightweight metal glasses are a big hit with adults. Aviator glasses are also sporty and a favorite among active lifestyle wearers. Circle round glasses have seen resurgence in popularity while vintage Cat-Eye glasses continue to dazzle retro-eyewear enthusiasts.

What lenses are the best for eyeglasses?

Plastic lenses continue to soar in popularity across the eyewear industry. Known for their durability and longevity, polycarbonate lenses are lightweight, mobile, and designed for optimal style and optical comfort. Plastic lenses also offer the following for wearers of all ages:

  • A lighter solution than heavier glass lenses which are breakable and may not be ideal for thinner, stylish frames.
  • Plastic lenses are comfortable, affordable, and impact-resistant. They are also safer than glass lenses and available in a myriad of design options.
  • EyeglassesPro can easily insert plastic lenses into most frames with anti-scratch coating that prevents unwanted scuffs and marks.

What is a saddle bridge on eyeglasses?

Saddle bridge eyeglasses work well for heavy glasses and ideal for folks that are sensitive to pressure. As a form of frame design, saddle bridging is simply shaped like a horse’s saddle. This spreads the weight of the frame across the top and sides of your nose – allowing for better pressure control with heavier frames and/or RX lenses. These eyeglass frames are designed without nose pads and were popularized by John Lennon and other British rock musicians. EyeglassesPro features a range of saddle bridge eyeglasses with eclectic styles and unique frames for that original look and fit.

Can I buy prescription glasses online?

Absolutely! At EyeglassesPro.com, we make it easy to find and buy your prescription glasses online. All you need is a valid RX prescription from your local optometrist or eye center.

Browse our huge selection of eyeglasses frames, lenses, and accessories then add any customized options you need. Once done, simply enter your RX script information and proceed to checkout. It’s as easy as that to get your prescription glasses online and delivered to your front door in a timely, professional manner.

We also have a cool “try it on” feature which lets you see how the RX glasses will look on your face before they arrive.

How much is it to get new lenses in glasses?

EyeglassesPro is committed to excellence in all our eyewear products and services. We offer daily online discounts, specials, and frames starting as low as $5.95. We even have sunglasses under $39.00 for the entire family. With this in mind, we truly go those extra miles to ensure the lenses you need are professionally inserted into your desired glasses.

Whether you need new single-vision, bifocal, or progressive lenses, we have it all. Single-vision lenses cost $99 – $299 on average while lined multi-focal glasses are around $139 – $399. AR or non-glare coatings on lenses may cost $69 – $139. However, these figures are not definite and differ among wearers of all ages – as well as for those that need RX or non-RX lenses.

Simply contact us today or speak with our helpful live chat assistance team for more information on new, replacement lenses.

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