Clip-On Prescription Sunglasses

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Clip-On Prescription Sunglasses


If you have blurred vision and normally wear prescription glasses, protective sunglasses are still necessary for protecting your eyes from UV rays and providing comfort in bright light. However, buying two separate types of eyewear is not ideal for everyone. Many people find it inconvenient and expensive to switch between different pairs of glasses. With clip-on prescription sunglasses, you can wear just one pair of glasses wherever you go.

Sun Protection on the Go

Clip-on sunglasses make it easy to always have protective lenses on hand wherever you go. It is easy to leave sunglasses at home or in the car when you need them most. However, clip-on sunglasses only require you to carry around an extra set of lenses with you, so you never need to take off your prescription glasses and risk misplacing them. Simply attach the sunglass lenses to your eyewear when you are outdoors and take them off when you come inside. Make sure to choose prescription sunglasses with UV protection.

Reduced Glare With Polarized Lenses

Enjoy polarized lenses with your clip-on prescription glasses to reduce glare and enhance clarity while you take part in your favorite outdoor activities. Polarized clip-on glasses allow you to wear your prescription eyewear when spending a day at the beach or fishing on a sunny day. With this technology, you can see into the water and reduce eyestrain from the reflection of the sun off the surface of the water.

Variety When You Need It

The color lens you choose is more than just a fashion statement. Different tints offer unique benefits depending on the environment you find yourself in. Clip-on prescription sunglasses allow you to purchase multiple lens colors, so you can optimize your vision no matter the weather or time of day. Purchase clip-ons that vary in style to mix up the look of your eyewear when you feel like it.

Clip-On Prescription Sunglasses FAQs

Are Magnetic Clip-on Sunglasses Safe?

The magnets used for clip-on glasses are small and unlikely to cause harm when worn. If you have a pacemaker or defibrillator, avoid contact between the magnet and the device. Strong magnetic fields can cause damage to certain electronic devices, credit cards, floppy discs and hard drives if near these objects.

Do Clip-on Sunglasses Scratch Lenses?

There is the potential for clip-on prescription sunglasses to scratch your eyewear's normal lenses if put on incorrectly. Often, manufactured place protective sleeves on sharp or protruding areas to reduce the chance of scratching when fitting on your clip-on glasses, but always be careful and try to keep contact minimal.

Are Prescription Sunglasses Worth It?

Yes, anyone who needs prescription eyewear to see clearly can benefit from prescription sunglasses. Your regular glasses won't protect your eyes from the sun, but normal sunglasses will leave you with blurry or obscured vision. The best solution is to get a pair of glasses that can correct your vision while also blocking out harmful UV rays.

Should I Get Transition Lenses or Prescription Sunglasses?

Transition lenses, or photochromic sunglasses, are convenient because you will only need to wear one type of eyewear both indoors and outdoors. These lenses respond to the sun's rays and adjust to changing light conditions. Prescription sunglasses come in a variety of styles and can include polarization technology to better combat glare.

What Size Clip-on Sunglasses Do I Need?

Determine what size clip-on sunglasses you need by first identifying the shape of your prescription glasses. Many glasses manufacturers have a sizing guide available used to match your glasses with the correct size. Also, you can use a measuring tape to gauge the width of your frames and the width and height of your lenses.

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